We were amazed and overwhelmed by the strange beauty of these sounds.
The rest, to us, is until this day unexplainable.

The transmission ended.

Ayco & Eppo

A unique spot on the world wide web collecting almost all information on the honored and beloved Studio Brussel program duyster.

Every sunday evening (9pm to 11pm, excluding summer months) the velvet and mysterious voice of Ayco Duyster supported the expertly chosen and directed songs by Eppo Janssen under the motto 'calm but restless'. From January 2, 2000 until June 21st, 2015 this program of unrestrained melancholy and deafening sweetness heated up the hearts of fans across Belgium and The Netherlands (since the dawn of the Internet even the world).

Proudly we can offer you the playlists from more than a decade 'duyster' history. We also list a large part of the famous sessions and interviews, when possible with the corresponding audio and/or video clips.

The essentials, a good introduction to 'duyster' for newcomers, are actually the Duyster end-of-year lists selected by Ayco & Eppo. The Top 100 is our, a group of fans/last.fm-users in collaboration with this website, annual alternative to the Studio Brussel Album 100. It is a survey of Duyster fans (especially via Facebook and Last.fm) to their 10 all time essentials.

duyster lemma

The information found on this website has appeared sometime in the past on the StuBru website, but due to the evolving technologies and media landscape, the majority of this information disappeared from the internet. With help from Ayco & Eppo, some fanatical fans, a bailout here, an appeal there and a lot of goodwill we reached the current version.

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