The duyster-page on Stubru.be is the one and only official homepage.

Not all pages are translated into English (yet). Our deepest apologies, but we (uhhum) are doing what we can. Check reguarly for new updates and until translation we advice you to use google translate.


uitklappenWho is duyster-online.be?
uitklappenWhat's happening with my email address when sending a message?
uitklappenWhy this website?
uitklappenMultimedia disclaimer
uitklappenHow many visitors do you have?
uitklappenCan I update the calendar?
uitklappenWhy don't you mention label with the album titles?
uitklappenHow can i download mp3's from the StuBru website?

Layout problems

uitklappenWhy is the select menu not working in my browser?
uitklappenWhy is the layout so 'weird'
uitklappenWhy can't I play video clips?


uitklappenHow does the search function work?

Top 100

uitklappenWhat is Duyster Top100?
uitklappenWhat are duyster albums?
uitklappenWhy am I obliged to give my email address?
uitklappenWhy is my email address not accepted?
uitklappenWhy do I have to give my birthday and my sex?