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  • The Mysterious Production of Eggs (2005)
    1. /=/
    2. Sovay
    3. A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left
    4. Fake Palindromes
    5. Measuring Cups
    6. Banking on a Myth
    7. Masterfade
    8. Opposite Day
    9. Skin Is, My
    10. The Naming of Things
    11. MX Missiles
    12. /=/=/
    13. Tables and Chairs
    14. The Happy Birthday Song

  • Armchair Apocrypha (2007)
    1. Fiery Crash
    2. Imitosis
    3. Plasticities
    4. Heretics
    5. Armchairs
    6. Dark Matter
    7. Simple X
    8. The Supine
    9. Cataracts
    10. Scythian Empires
    11. Spare-Ohs
    12. Yawny At the Apocalypse

    Armchair Apocrypha is American singer-songwriter Andrew Bird's fourth studio album and his third post-Bowl of Fire album. The album features more electric guitars, a change from the more acoustic-oriented Eggs, though the songs are similar in character if slightly more straightforward. "Simple X" is a track started by collaborator Dosh, who supplied the drum track on the final version, with Bird adding lyrics. The track "Imitosis" is an expansion of the song "I" (also called "Capital I" live) on his 2003 album Weather Systems. The song "Darkmatter" is also a rehash of the song "Sweetbreads", which can be found on the live EP Fingerlings 1. Both bonus tracks also evolved from previous songs: "Sick of Elephants" was originally known as "Sycophantitis" and "Self-Torture" adds lyrics and incorporates the melody from the instrumental "The Water Jet Cilice" from Fingerlings 3. Haley Bonar who opened some shows on Andrew's tour sings background vocals on four songs. The album debuted at number 76 on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling about 11,000 copies in its first week. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Noble Beast (2009)
    1. Oh No
    2. Masterswarm
    3. Fitz and the Dizzyspells
    4. Effigy
    5. Tenuousness
    6. Nomenclature
    7. Ouo
    8. Not A Robot, But A Ghost
    9. Unfolding Fans
    10. Anonanimal
    11. Natural Disaster
    12. The Privateers
    13. Souverian
    14. On Ho!

  • Break It Yourself (2012)
    1. Desperation Breeds…
    2. Polynation
    3. Danse Carribe
    4. Give It Away
    5. Eyeoneye
    6. Lazy Projector
    7. Near Death Experience Experience
    8. Behind the Barn
    9. Lusitania
    10. Orpheo Looks Back
    11. Sifters
    12. Fatal Shore
    13. Hole in the Ocean Floor
    14. Belles

    The Eyeoneye Songfacts reports that the origins of Andrew Bird's sixth solo studio album, were a casual recording session during August 2011 in his West Illinois barn with drummer/percussionist Martin Dosh and guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker that went well. Read more on Last.fm.