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  • See Birds (2010)
    1. See Birds (Moon)
    2. Regret Making Mistakes
    3. Big Boy
    4. Dream Out
    5. See Birds (Sun)

    ...slow, syrupy and hallucinogenic. This is fantastic chill-out music and it's gorgeous. Amazingly, it was created solely from samples collected from the Internet by a 19-year-old named Alec Koone. It's more interesting and flat-out better than most of the "Witch House" it's associated with, one of the labels that's cropped up to define this recent musical trend. I'm not big on labels, but in an effort to describe this music, it can be viewed as a sub-class of "chillwave." One could argue that it has its roots in "trip-hop" (slowed-down hip-hop, more sensual and atmospheric) which it certainly resembles although it's less beat driven with more emphasis on tonalilty and ambiance. It's often characterized by distant, ghostly vocals, spoken or sung, with incoherent words. But it's not really fair to label Balam Acab and lump it in with this so-called genre because it really stands as its own thing. "Sea Birds (Moon)" - dubby, full of echos and trippy aural caverns and a mysterious, pulsing rhythm. Distant, ethereal, heavily reverbed vocals sound like they're floating down a dark tunnel. Very hypnotic and a little spooky. "Regret Making Mistakes" - Opens with a strange, backwoods atmosphere featuring a sampled banjo, quiet and slow, and the rocking of a porch swing before a humming, monolithic synth pulse emerges. Contains qualities similar to the first track but with gently swirling notes, heavenly peaks and a brighter atmosphere. "Big Boy" - lush and hypnotic. The high-pitched, cavernous vocals are hazy and beautiful. Particularly great are the clipped injections of flowing water that help propel the rhythm. Amazing. "Dream Out" - As the ep grows progressively lighter in tone it culminates in this ethereal wonderland of flowing harps, chattering cicadas and gorgeous undulations of bliss. "Sea Birds (Sun)" - a reinterpretation of the first track after being submerged into this watery, welcoming heaven full of wondrous sounds, percolating beats and feel-good vibes. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Wander/Wonder (2011)
    1. Welcome
    2. Apart
    3. Motion
    4. Expect
    5. Now Time
    6. Oh, Why
    7. Await
    8. Fragile Hope

    With the association of these new components seen in Witch House, Balam Acab's album, Wander/Wonder, also exemplifies partial and distorted elements seen in Musique concrete, especially within the works of Pierre Schaffer and Pierre Henry. Unlike many Witch House genre albums, Wander/Wonder does not show much of this scary and frightening sound. Instead, Balam Acab gives its own style to it by representing more of an appealing and refreshing feel, coupled by its dark and eerie mood set within the original genre's standards. Read more on Last.fm.