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  • West Kirby County Primary (2016)
    1. Tell Me You Don't Love Me Watching
    2. Two To Birkenhead
    3. Let's Get Away From Here
    4. Daniel
    5. Put It Down Before You Break It
    6. Catharine And Huskisson
    7. Wild Roses
    8. You Can't Hide A Light With The Dark
    9. Satellites
    10. Seabirds

    The follow-up to A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart was written and recorded by Ryder-Jones in his childhood bedroom at his mother’s house in West Kirby before being filtered through Liverpool’s legendary Parr Street Studios. West Kirby County Primary features Bill playing a multitude of instruments including the electric guitar with his trademark prowess. Mixed by James Ford, each of West Kirby County Primary’s ten tracks offers a sneaked glance into his private world; they eavesdrop on a set of encounters that go about “turning stories into beautiful truth” set to glorious molten melody that explodes like fireworks over water. It all adds up to a remarkable record by one of our most cherished musicians – a musical polymath as at ease on stage with the Manchester Camerata (where he performed ‘If…’ as part of the Manchester Literature Festival last Autumn) or on live guitar duties with Arctic Monkeys as he is on production duties with Hooton Tennis Club and The Wytches.

  • YAWN (2018)
    • geen volledige tracklist beschikbaar.

    • Bill Ryder-Jones - Don't Be Scared, I Love You
    • Bill Ryder-Jones - And Then There's You

  • Yawny Yawn (2019)
    1. There's Something on Your Mind
    2. Time Will Be The Only Saviour
    3. Recover
    4. Mither
    5. And Then There's You
    6. There Are Worse Things I Could Do
    7. Don't Be Scared I Love You
    8. John
    9. No One's Trying to Kill You
    10. Happy Song