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  • Boduf Songs (2005)
    1. Puke a Pitch Black Rainbow to the Sun
    2. Claimant Reclaimed
    3. Our Canon of Transposition
    4. This One Is Cursed
    5. Grains
    6. Lost in Forests
    7. Ape Thanks Lamb
    8. Oh Celebrate Your Vague Words and Coquettish Sovereignty
    9. Vapour Steals the Glow

  • lion devours the sun (2006)
    1. Lord of the Flies
    2. Two Across The Mouth
    3. That Angel Was Pretty Lame
    4. Great Wolf Of No Tracks
    5. Green Lion Devours The Sun, Blood Descends To Earth
    6. 27th Raven's Head (Darkness Showing Through The Head Of The Raven)
    7. Please Ache For Redemptive
    8. Fall Of Cherry Blossom In Long Shadows Of Twilight
    9. Bell For Harness

  • How Shadows Chase the Balance (2008)
    1. Mission Creep
    2. Things not to be Done on the Sabbath
    3. I Can't See a Thing in Here
    4. Quiet When Group
    5. Pitiful Shadow Engulfed in Darkness
    6. A Spirit Harness
    7. Found on the Bodies of Fallen Whales
    8. Last Glimmer on a Hill at Dusk

  • Burnt Up On Re-Entry (2013)
    1. Fiery the Angels Fall
    2. A Brilliant Shaft Of Light From Out Of The Night Sky
    3. The Gateway Sound
    4. Song To Keep Me Still
    5. Vermin, Rend Thy Garments
    6. Everyone Will Let You Down In The End
    7. Long Divider
    8. Drexelius Sick Man Quaries Emblemes Closed Heaven
    9. Between The Palisades And The Firmament
    10. Maggot Ending
    11. Oh My Overlord

  • Internal Memo (2013)
    1. Temping
    2. Under Unborn Mouth Place
    3. Internal memo
    4. Howl to capitulate undone hours
    5. Infernal memo
    6. Eternal memo