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  • There's Nothing Wrong With Love (1994)
    1. In the Morning
    2. Reasons
    3. Big Dipper
    4. Car
    5. Fling
    6. Cleo
    7. The Source
    8. Twin Falls
    9. Some
    10. Distopian Dream Girl
    11. Israel's Song
    12. Stab
    13. Midnite Star

    There's Nothing Wrong with Love is the second full-length album released by indie rock band Built to Spill. The line-up for the album was Doug Martsch, bassist Brett Nelson, and drummer Andy Capps. There's Nothing Wrong with Love was recorded in May and June 1994, and released September 13, 1994 on the Up Records label. It was produced by Phil Ek. The songs "Car" and "Distopian Dream Girl" were released as singles. Pitchfork.com ranked this album at #24 on its "Top 100 Albums of the 90s" list. The unlisted final track is a satirical preview of the next Built to Spill album. None of the clips on the track are real Built to Spill songs. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Perfect From Now On (1997)
    1. Randy Described Eternity
    2. I Would Hurt a Fly
    3. Stop the Show
    4. Made-up Dreams
    5. Velvet Waltz
    6. Out of Site
    7. Kicked it in the Sun
    8. Untrustable / Part 2 (About Someone Else)

    Perfect from Now On is the third full-length album released by Built to Spill, and the band's first major label (Warner Bros.) release. The line-up for the album was singer/guitarist Doug Martsch, bassist Brett Nelson, and drummer Scott Plouf. It was recorded at the Avast! Recording Company in Seattle, Washington by Phil Ek. Stylistically, the album was marked by its experimentation with longer song structures, philosophical lyrics, and the incorporation of cello. The album was essentially recorded three times. The first time, Martsch attempted to play all the instruments except drums. He and Phil Ek were dissatisfied with the results, so Martsch brought in Nelson and Plouf and recorded the album again. However, these tapes were destroyed by heat when Ek was driving from Seattle to Boise to record additional overdubs. The band rehearsed some more, then recorded the album a third time. Perfect from Now On was released to widespread critical acclaim on January 28, 1997. Pitchfork.com ranked this album at #22 on its "Top 100 Albums of the 90s" list. It was re-released with a bonus track ("Easy Way") on vinyl in 2007. In September 2008, the band embarked on a three-month tour to perform the album in its entirety.

  • Keep It Like a Secret (1999)
    1. The Plan
    2. Center of the Universe
    3. Carry the Zero
    4. Sidewalk
    5. Bad Light
    6. Time Trap
    7. Else
    8. You Were Right
    9. Temporarily Blind
    10. Broken Chairs

  • Carry the Zero (1999)
    1. Carry the Zero
    2. Sidewalk
    3. Forget Remember When
    4. Now and Then
    5. Kicked It in the Sun (live)
    6. Big Dipper (live)

  • Live (2000)
    1. The Plan - LIve
    2. Randy Described Eternity - Live
    3. Stop The Show - Live
    4. Virginia Reel Around The Fountain - Live
    5. Cortez The Killer - Live
    6. Car - live
    7. Singing Sores Make Perfect Swords - Live
    8. I Would Hurt A Fly - live
    9. Broken Chairs - Live

  • Ancient Melodies of the Future (2001)
    1. Strange
    2. The Host
    3. In Your Mind
    4. Alarmed
    5. Trimmed and Burning
    6. Happiness
    7. Don't Try
    8. You Are
    9. Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
    10. The Weather

  • You in Reverse (2006)
    1. Goin' Against Your Mind
    2. Traces
    3. Liar
    4. Saturday
    5. Wherever You Go
    6. Conventional Wisdom
    7. Gone
    8. Mess With Time
    9. Just A Habit
    10. The Wait

    You in Reverse is the sixth full-length album released by indie rock band Built to Spill. The band added one new member for this album, making Built to Spill a quartet for the first time. It was also first album since Ultimate Alternative Wavers not recorded or produced by Phil Ek. The lineup was Doug Martsch, Brett Nelson, Scott Plouf, and Jim Roth. The album was recorded in Portland, Oregon at Audio Alchemy. You in Reverse was released on April 11, 2006. The album was dedicated to Pat Schmaljohn, co-founder of Martsch's previous band Treepeople, who committed suicide in April 1999. Read more on Last.fm.

  • There is No Enemy (2010)
    1. Aisle 13
    2. Hindsight
    3. Nowhere Lullaby
    4. Good Ol' Boredom
    5. Life's a Dream
    6. Oh Yeah
    7. Pat
    8. Done
    9. Planting Seeds
    10. Things Fall Apart
    11. Tomorrow

  • Untethered Moon (2015)
    1. All Our Songs
    2. Living Zoo
    3. On the Way
    4. Some Other Song
    5. Never Be The Same
    6. C.R.E.B.
    7. Another Day
    8. Horizon to Cliff
    9. So
    10. When I'm Blind

    Untethered Moon is the eighth studio album by American rock band Built to Spill. The album was released on vinyl for Record Store Day on April 18, 2015 and on CD and digital format on April 21, 2015 by Warner Bros. Records. It is the band’s first album since 2009’s There Is No Enemy, making it the band’s longest delay between studio albums. Read more on Last.fm.