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  • Heavy Ghost (2009)
    1. Isaac's Song
    2. Pity Dance
    3. Creekmouth
    4. Pigs
    5. Spirit Parade
    6. BMB
    7. Thanksgiving Moon
    8. Fire of Birds
    9. Morning Glory Cloud
    10. GMS
    11. Braid Of Voices
    12. Wig

    "Heavy Ghost" is a 2008 album by American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist DM Stith. He spent a year writing, arranging and recording, performing nearly all of the music on Heavy Ghost, and he created the album’s artwork. The album combines narrative of self-discovery with rich orchestration. In the opening track, “Isaac’s Song,” a piano slams, shouts, machine-gun snare, and harmonics evoke the biblical story of Abraham. In “Pity Dance,” the lilting guitar of Violeta Parra, the over-saturated production of Tom Waits, the dark choirs of The Shangri-Las, are combined with the speak song of Randy Newman. In “Spirit Parade,” there are percussive elements, wails, and a humming motif that echoes an African-American spiritual, Read more on Last.fm.

  • BMB (2009)
    1. BMB (alternate version)
    2. Around the Lion Legs (Slow Dance Version)
    3. BMB (Roberto C. Lange Remix)
    4. BMB (Son Lux Remix)
    5. Suzanne
    6. Be My Baby
    7. Untitled

    From Asthmatic Kitty: ...Now, Stith returns with BMB, a seven song release and the first in a trilogy of EP’s to be released before the end of the year. The version of "BMB" found on this EP is slower than the version on Heavy Ghost. It is starker, almost skeletal in the way it reveals the turning gears of the song. In it, Stith's reverb drenched vocals drift over a leading soft piano, ghostly choral chants, and the occasional whisper. Where the Heavy Ghost version of "BMB" is a tease into a mid-album lacuna, a transition for the albums themes of waking dreams and spiritual torment, this original resolves more like a traditional pop song, even using some of the most centrally canonical lyrics of the love ballad “be my baby…” It is kind of a hopeless love song - no doubt, a boon for Stith fans. Read more on Last.fm.