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  • Ultra (2004)
    1. Barrel of a Gun
    2. The Love Thieves
    3. Home
    4. It's No Good
    5. Uselink
    6. Useless
    7. Sister of Night
    8. Jazz Thieves
    9. Freestate
    10. The Bottom Line
    11. Insight
    12. Junior Painkiller

    Ultra is the ninth studio album by the English electronic music band Depeche Mode, released on 14 April 1997 by Mute Records. The album was the band's first since the departure of Alan Wilder, who had left the band in 1995 having become disillusioned with life in Depeche Mode. Wilder's departure and lead singer Dave Gahan's drug problems, which culminated in a near-fatal overdose, had caused many people to speculate that the band was finished. This is their first album as a trio since 1982's A Broken Frame. Read more on Last.fm.