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  1. Foetus
  2. Swarming
  3. Step Aside
  4. Prey and Predator
  5. Collecting Shields
  6. Doppelganger
  7. Tortuous Tracks
  8. Monopolist
  9. Chapter 6

Released: 2004
Essentials: 2004

Tripper is the 2004 debut album by the Danish group Efterklang. The name of the album according to member Thomas Humser refers to two things. One meaning is that "tripper" is the slang term for a traveler. It is also a Danish meaning for shuffling one's feet in anticipation or something good to happen. The album cover was done by Marie Hill and is literally a mashing of doodle she drew. The logo of the child dancing next to the band's name apparently is supposed to represent the supposed childlike approach to this music. The self-released limited edition version of the album had a hand stitched card sleeve. Read more on Last.fm.

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