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  • Instrument Soundtrack
    1. Pink Frosty (demo)
    2. Lusty Scripps
    3. Arpeggiator (demo)
    4. Afterthought
    5. Trio's
    6. Turkish Disco
    7. Me and Thumbelina
    8. Floating Boy (demo)
    9. Link Track
    10. Little Debbie
    11. H.B.
    12. I'm So Tired
    13. Rend It (demo)
    14. Closed Captioned (demo)
    15. Guilford Fall (demo)
    16. Swingset
    17. Shaken All Over
    18. Slo Crostic

    "Instrument Soundtrack" is a 1999 album by American post-hardcore band Fugazi. It is a mainly instrumental soundtrack for the documentary (Instrument) about the band produced by the band and filmmaker Jem Cohen. The soundtrack mostly consists of previously unreleased songs and studio outtakes culled from Fugazi's history to that point, as well as seven demo versions of songs from their proper albums (six from 1998's "End Hits" and one from 1993's "In on the Kill Taker"). Of particular note is the song "I'm So Tired", a piano ballad played and sung by Ian MacKaye, which is a significant departure from Fugazi's usual post-hardcore sound. "Shaken All Over" features the bassline of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates' "Shakin' All Over", as well as MacKaye briefly singing the chorus line with heavy dub echo. The riff from "Lusty Scripps" was played in Fugazi's final live show, in the break between the main set and the encore. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Steady Diet of Nothing (2011)
    1. Exit Only
    2. Reclamation
    3. Nice New Outfit
    4. Stacks
    5. Latin Roots
    6. Steady Diet
    7. Long Division
    8. Runaway Return
    9. Polish
    10. Dear Justice Letter
    11. Kyeo

  • The Argument (2011)
    1. Intro
    2. Cashout
    3. Full Disclosure
    4. Epic Problem
    5. Life and Limb
    6. The Kill
    7. Strangelight
    8. Oh
    9. Ex-Spectator
    10. Nightshop
    11. Argument