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  • The Silence of Love (2009)
    1. True Love Will Find You In The End
    2. Just One Time
    3. Here Be­fore
    4. Just Like Honey
    5. To You
    6. Blues Run the Game
    7. Hey, Who Real­ly Cares?
    8. No­bo­dy's Baby Now
    9. The North Wind Blew South
    10. See My Love

    'The Silence of Love' is an album of cover versions by Headless Heroes, released in November 2008, recorded by Eddie Bezalel and Hugo Nicholson with musicians Josh Klinghoffer, Joey Waronker, Gus Seyffert, Leo Abrahams and Woody Jackson, and singer Alela Diane. Album includes covers of artists such as Daniel Johnston, Nick Cave, Jesus and Mary Chain, I Am Kloot and others. Read more on Last.fm.