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  • Copenhagen Dreams
    1. Eleven Thousand Six Hundred and Sixty-Nine Died of Natural Causes
    2. They Leave Everything Behind
    3. They Fed the Sparrows Leftovers and Offered Grass to Scherfig's Turtle [Clean]
    4. An Eiffel Tower by the Lakes
    5. Three Thousand Five Hundred and Ninety One Benches
    6. The Jewish Cemetery on Møllegade
    7. They Dream They´ll Get There
    8. A Memorial Garden on Enghavevej
    9. A Six-Lane Highway
    10. He Hit Her on the Head with "The Wind in the Willows"
    11. He Says it´s the Future
    12. There's No Harm Done
    13. They Had to Work it Out Between Them
    14. The Song about the Hyacinths
    15. It Will Take Some Time
    16. She Loves to Ride the Port Ferry When it Rains
    17. A French School on Værnedamsvej
    18. Here, They Used to Build Ships
    19. They Imagine the City Growing out Into the Ocean

  • Fordlândia (2008)
    1. Fordlândia
    2. Melodia (I)
    3. The Rocket Builder (Io Pan!)
    4. Melodia (ii)
    5. Fordlândia - Aerial View
    6. Melodia (iii)
    7. Chimaerica
    8. Melodia (iv)
    9. The Great God Pan is Dead
    10. Melodia (Guidelines For A Propulsion Device Based On Heim's Quantum Theory)
    11. How We Left Fordlândia

  • The Miners' Hymns (2011)
    1. They Being Dead Yet Speaketh
    2. An Injury to One Is the Concern of All
    3. Freedom from Want and Fear
    4. There is No Safe Side But the Side of Truth
    5. Industrial and Provident, We Unite to Assist Each Other
    6. The Cause of Labour is the Hope of the World

  • Orphée (2020)
    1. Flight From The City
    2. A Song For Europa
    3. The Drowned World
    4. A Deal With Chaos
    5. A Pile Of Dust
    6. A Sparrow Alighted Upon Our Shoulder
    7. Fragment I
    8. By The Roes, And By The Hinds Of The Field
    9. The Radiant City
    10. Fragment Ii
    11. The Burning Mountain
    12. De Luce Et Umbra
    13. Good Morning, Midnight
    14. Good Night, Day
    15. Orphic Hymn