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  • Modern Driveway (2012)
  • Immunity (2013)
    1. We Disappear
    2. Open Eye Signal
    3. Breathe This Air
    4. Collider
    5. Abandon Window
    6. Form By Firelight
    7. Sun Harmonics
    8. Immunity

    A powerful, multi-faceted beast, packed with the most aggressively dancefloor-focused music Hopkins has ever made, "Immunity" is about achieving euphoric states through music. Inspired by the arc of an epic night out, the album peaks with "Collider", a huge, apocalyptic, techno monster and dissolves with the quiet, heartbreakingly beautiful closer, "Immunity", a track featuring vocals from King Creosote which could sit comfortably alongside the gems of their Mercury-nominated collaboration, "Diamond Mine". Immunity is a confident, dramatic record defined by an acute sense of physicality and place.  It feels like the hypnotic accompaniment to a journey of creativity, a trip inside Hopkins’ mind, using analog synthesis alongside manipulations of physical, real-world sounds to make dance music that feels as natural and unforced as possible. Read more on Last.fm.

  • LateNightTales (2015)
    1. Sleepers Beat Theme
    2. Hold Me Down
    3. Yr Love
    4. Verbena Tea
    5. More
    6. I Am Daylights
    7. Babe
    8. After Dawn
    9. Remember (Exclusive Yeasayer Cover Version)
    10. Hey Maggy
    11. Lady Divine
    12. Missing Photos
    13. Connjur
    14. And It's Alright (Nils Frahm Remix)
    15. Gillie Amma I Love You
    16. Down To The Sound
    17. Requiem For The Static King Part One
    18. Emancipation
    19. I Remember (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

  • Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Excerpt) (2021)
  • Music for Psychedelic Therapy (2021)
    1. Welcome
    2. Tayos Caves, Ecuador I
    3. Tayos Caves, Ecuador II
    4. Tayos Caves, Ecuador III
    5. Love Flows over Us in Prismatic Waves
    6. Deep in the Glowing Heart
    7. Ascending, Dawn Sky
    8. Arriving
    9. Sit Around the Fire