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  1. Sun Girl
  2. These Morning
  3. Something in the Room She Moves
  4. Materia
  5. Meyou
  6. Spinning
  7. Ocean
  8. Evening Mood
  9. Talking to the Whisper
  10. Who Brings Me

Something in the Room She Moves is the sixth studio album from Julia Holter, released on March 22, 2024, by Domino Recording Company. Prior to the album's announcement, Holter released the lead single "Sun Girl" on November 7, 2023. The song came with a music video directed by animator Tammy Nguyễn. Holter said the song's lyrics were about "being brought out of my comfort zone; into the unknown, playfulness and chaos", while The Line of Best Fit's Tyler Damara Kelly said they "evoke the spirit of a childlike game"Holter announced the album on January 9, 2024, with release set for March 22 by Domino Recording Company. The announcement came with the release of the second single, "Spinning". Holter described the song as being about "being in the passionate state of making something: being in that moment, and what is that moment?" It came with a music video directed by Giraffe Studios. Holter also explained how the album's title came to her spontaneously while she was naming a Logic Pro file for a demo track that eventually became the title track, and that it is a modification the line "Something in the way she moves" from the Beatles song "Something", inspired by watching The Beatles: Get Back documentary. Julia stated on the announcement: "In the past few years, among other things, I’ve watched a lot of the classic Ghibli film Ponyo, about a fish who turns into a human. I spent some time thinking about human states of change, trying to create a realm that’s waterlike, fluid, evoking the body’s internal sound world. The body and transformation were on my mind, as well as the pleasure and pain that can come out of the deepest forms of love. This record is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful nephew Calder Powell". “My heart is loud,” Julia Holter sings on her sixth album Something in the Room She Moves, following an inner pulse. The Los Angeles songwriter’s past work has often explored memory and dreamlike future, but her latest album resides more in presence: “There’s a corporeal focus, inspired by the complexity and transformability of our bodies,” Holter says. Her production choices and arrangements form a continuum of fretless electric bass pitches in counterpoint with gliding vocal melodies, while glissing Yamaha CS-60 lines entwine warm winds and reeds. “I was trying to create a world that’s fluid-sounding, waterlike, evoking the body’s internal sound world,” Holter says of her flowing harmonic universe. “What is delicious and what is omniscient?” she sings on “Spinning”, the album’s incantatory centerpiece. “What is the circular magic I’m visiting?” Or as Holter put it: “It’s about being in the passionate state of making something: being in that moment, and what is that moment?” She found it anew on Something in the Room She Moves, singing in somatic frequencies. Read more on Last.fm.

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