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  • Pooka (2003)
    1. Pooka
    2. The Joker
    3. Mars Bar (Call For Gary!)
    4. Tics
    5. Kahlua Blues
    6. News On The March
    7. 1. Lesson In Violin
    8. Pooka Soundtrack

    Horntveth released his solo debut album Pooka in 2004, and album that was met with massive acclaim from music critics all over the world. Pooka is an instrumental pop album, and although it might have things in common with the electronica genre, all the music was recorded live in the studio and, with the exception of the programmed beats, nothing is played on computers. The music was scored on paper. Most instruments are played by Horntveth himself, except for the string parts which are played by a 9 piece string orchestra and conducted by Horntveth. Here is the bio written for the album Kaleidoscopic. Lars Horntveth Kaleidoscopic (Smalltown Supersound) Read more on Last.fm.