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  • You Be My Heart
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    • Mark Kozelek - I Know

  • What's Next To The Moon (2004)
    1. Up To My Neck In You
    2. Love At First Feel
    3. Love Hungry Man
    4. Bad Boy Boogie
    5. What's Next To The Moon
    6. Walk All Over You
    7. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me
    8. If You Want Blood
    9. Riff Raff
    10. Rock N Roll Singer

    What's Next to the Moon is a solo album by Mark Kozelek, released on January 10, 2001. The album is comprised entirely of acoustic covers of Bon Scott-era AC/DC songs. The album follows the release of his debut solo EP Rock 'n' Roll Singer, which also features three AC/DC covers: "Rock 'n' Roll Singer," "You Ain't Got a Hold on Me," and "Bad Boy Boogie." The versions on this album are different from the versions on the EP.

  • The Finally LP (2008)
    1. Piano Song
    2. Finally
    3. New Partner
    4. Send in the Clowns
    5. Lazy
    6. Bedtime Lullaby
    7. Celebrated Summer
    8. My Friend Bob
    9. If You Want Blood
    10. Gaping Mouth