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  • SINGERS (2005)
    1. Let's Get Out of the Romance
    2. Ut Oh! It's Mourningtime Again
    3. Do Not Be Afraid
    4. Where Is My Tarp?
    5. I Cut My Hands Off
    6. So Your Big Black Cloud Will Come
    7. Human
    8. I'll Shut Up
    9. I Can't Believe You Actually Died

  • Wind's Poem (2009)
    1. Wind's Dark Poem
    2. Through the Trees
    3. My Heart Is Not at Peace
    4. The Hidden Stone
    5. Wind Speaks
    6. Summons
    7. The Mouth of Sky
    8. Between Two Mysteries
    9. Ancient Questions
    10. (Something)
    11. Lost Wisdom Pt. 2
    12. Stone's Ode
    13. (wind lyrics)
    14. Summons (Acoustic)
    15. Lost Wisdom

    Wind's Poem is the name of the fourth full-length album by Mount Eerie. It is largely inspired by black metal, and showcases Phil Elvrum in his "relatively newfound affinity for Xasthur and other lynchpins of the unholy genre." Read more on Last.fm.

  • Distorted Cymbals (2012)
  • Clear Moon (2012)
    1. Through The Trees pt. 2
    2. The Place Lives
    3. The Place I Live
    4. (Something)
    5. Lone Bell
    6. House Shape
    7. Over Dark Water
    8. (Something)
    9. Clear Moon
    10. Yawning Sky
    11. (synthesizer)

    Clear Moon is the fifth studio album by Mount Eerie, released May 22, 2012. It is the first of two albums to be released by Mount Eerie in 2012. Phil Elvrum described Clear Moon as the lighter of the two albums.[3] The album was recorded between October 3, 2010 and January 7, 2012 in Anacortes, Washington.[1] Elvrum cited Burzum, Terry Riley and Steve Reich as influences on the album. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Ocean Roar (2012)
    1. Pale Lights
    2. Ocean Roar
    3. Ancient Times
    4. instrumental
    5. Waves
    6. Engel Der Luft (Popol Vuh)
    7. I Walked Home Beholding
    8. instrumental 2

    Ocean Roar is the sixth studio album by Mount Eerie, released on August 29, 2012. It is the second of two albums released by Mount Eerie in 2012. Phil Elvrum described Ocean Roar as a "counterpoint to the soft synth walls and landscape pondering of Clear Moon, presenting the opposite of that album’s clear glints of awareness: a total wall of blue-grey oceanic fog, a half remembered dream of a trip through dense old growth hills to the gnarly winter ocean, in the middle of the night, decades ago." Read more on Last.fm.

  • Sauna (2015)
    1. Sauna
    2. Turmoil
    3. Dragon
    4. Emptiness
    5. (Something)
    6. Boat
    7. Planets
    8. Pumpkin
    9. Spring
    10. Books
    11. This
    12. Youth

  • A Crow Looked At Me (2017)
    • geen volledige tracklist beschikbaar.

    • Real Death

    WRITTEN AND RECORDED August 31st to Dec. 6th, 2016 in the same room where Geneviève died, using mostly her instruments, her guitar, her bass, her pick, her amp, her old family accordion, writing the words on her paper, looking out the same window. Why share this much? Why open up like this? Why tell you, stranger, about these personal moments, the devastation and the hanging love? Our little family bubble was so sacred for so long. We carefully held it behind a curtain of privacy when we’d go out and do our art and music selves, too special to share, especially in our hyper-shared imbalanced times. Then we had a baby and this barrier felt even more important. (I still don’t want to tell you our daughter’s name.) Then in May 2015 they told us Geneviève had a surprise bad cancer, advanced pancreatic, and the ground opened up. What matters now? we thought. Then on July 9th 2016 she died at home and I belonged to nobody anymore. My internal moments felt like public property. The idea that I could have a self or personal preferences or songs eroded down into an absurd old idea leftover from a more self-indulgent time before I was a hospital-driver, a caregiver, a child-raiser, a griever. I am open now, and these songs poured out quickly in the fall, watching the days grey over and watching the neighbors across the alley tear down and rebuild their house. I make these songs and put them out into the world just to multiply my voice saying that I love her. I want it known. "Death Is Real" could be the name of this album. These cold mechanics of sickness and loss are real and inescapable, and can bring an alienating, detached sharpness. But it is not the thing I want to remember. A crow did look at me. There is an echo of Geneviève that still rings, a reminder of the love and infinity beneath all of this obliteration. That’s why. - Phil Elverum Dec. 11th, 2016 Anacortes Read more on Last.fm.