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  • Isn't Anything (1988)
    1. Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)
    2. Lose My Breath
    3. Cupid Come
    4. (When You Wake) You're Still in a Dream
    5. No More Sorry
    6. All I Need
    7. Feed Me With Your Kiss
    8. Sueisfine
    9. Several Girls Galore
    10. You Never Should
    11. Nothing Much to Lose
    12. I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)

    Isn't Anything is the debut full-length studio album by My Bloody Valentine, released in November 1988 on Creation Records. After the band's original vocalist Dave Conway left in 1987, to be replaced by Bilinda Butcher, the band continued for a while in their previous noisy indie-pop style before Kevin Shields returned to their avant-garde roots, and began to explore the possibilities offered by the studio facilities available after signing to Creation Records in 1988. The first fruits of this experimentation was the single/EP "You Made Me Realise", released in July 1988, with Isn't Anything following later that year. Most of the album was recorded in a studio in Wales. While recording the album over a period of two weeks, the band got by on about two hours sleep a night. Bilinda Butcher described the effect of this on her vocals: "Often, when we do the vocals, it's 7:30 in the morning: I've usually fallen asleep and have to be woken up to sing. Maybe that's why it's languorous. I'm usually trying to remember what I've been dreaming about when I'm singing." Read more on Last.fm.

  • Loveless (1991)
    1. Only Shallow
    2. Loomer
    3. Touched
    4. To Here Knows When
    5. When You Sleep
    6. I Only Said
    7. Come in Alone
    8. Sometimes
    9. Blown a Wish
    10. What You Want
    11. Soon

    Loveless is the second studio album by Irish rock band My Bloody Valentine, released on 4 November 1991 by Creation Records. The album was recorded over a two-year period between 1989 and 1991. Vocalist and guitarist Kevin Shields dominated the arduous recording process; intent on achieving a particular sound, he experimented with guitar tremolo techniques and tuning systems, unorthodox production methods, obscured vocals, and sampled percussion and feedback. The group cycled through nineteen studios and a larger number of engineers during the album's two-year creation, with total recording costs rumoured to have reached £250,000. While Loveless did not achieve great commercial success upon its release, it received enthusiastic reviews from critics, who praised its sonic innovations and Shields's "virtual reinvention of the guitar." Following the record's release, My Bloody Valentine were removed from their record label Creation Records due to the difficulty and expense of working with Shields, a factor that was alleged to have contributed to the bankruptcy of the label. In the subsequent years, the group struggled to record a follow-up album and would eventually break up in 1997. Loveless would be their last full-length release for over two decades. Since its release, Loveless has been widely proclaimed by critics as among the best albums of the 1990s, as a landmark work of the shoegazing genre, and as a significant influence on various subsequent artists. The album was reissued as a two-CD set on Sony in May 2012, containing remastered editions of the original digital tape and a previously unreleased ½-inch analogue tape. The reissues placed in several international charts and in July 2013, Loveless was certified Silver in the United Kingdom by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Read more on Last.fm.

  • m b v (2013)
    1. She Found Now
    2. Only Tomorrow
    3. Who Sees You
    4. Is This and Yes
    5. If I Am
    6. New You
    7. In Another Way
    8. Nothing Is
    9. Wonder 2