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  • Riderless Horse
    1. Cork and Pour
    2. Just Stay in Bed
    3. You Were So Mad
    4. This Is Love
    5. Nature
    6. Lazy Road
    7. Ask Me
    8. Blind as Batsies
    9. The Two of Us
    10. Go Away
    11. The Roundabout
    12. Trust
    13. Afterwards
    14. Creek and Chimes

  • The Blackened Air (2002)
    1. Run, All You...
    2. I Go With Him
    3. This Is What It Is
    4. Oh, My Stars
    5. All For You
    6. So Little
    7. Desert Fly
    8. Ugly Face
    9. In the Graveyard
    10. Ocean
    11. Rosemary
    12. The Same Day
    13. Been So Long
    14. The Very Next Day
    15. Little Angel
    16. That's All There Is

  • Dogs (2004)
    1. Dear Rose
    2. Oblivion
    3. Judy's in the Sandbox
    4. Underground
    5. A Dog's Life
    6. A Love Song
    7. Stormy Weather
    8. Smiley
    9. Roadkill
    10. Nobody Knew Her
    11. Too Much in Between
    12. Jimmy's Rose Tattoo
    13. The Long Walk
    14. All Your Life
    15. 4 Yrs

    Dogs is the first album by American singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia. It was originally released in 2000 by Socialist Records and re-released in 2004 by Touch and Go Records. John Peel has described the album as "astonishing". Engineer Steve Albini has described it as one of the albums he is the most proud of, as well as one of his personal favorites: "In the process of making a record, you hear it so many times that the charms of even the best of them can wear off through over-exposure. On rare occasions, records I've worked on have withstood this scrutiny and ended up being personal favorites. Nina Nastasia's 'Dogs' is a record so simultaneously unassuming and grandiose that I can't really describe it, except in terms that would make it (and me) sound silly. Of the couple thousand records I've been involved with, this is one of my favourites, and one that I'm proud to be associated with." Read more on Last.fm.

  • Outlaster (2010)
    1. Cry, Cry, Baby
    2. Moves Away
    3. You're a Holy Man
    4. You Can Take Your Time
    5. This Familiar Way
    6. What's Out There
    7. A Kind of Courage
    8. Wakes
    9. One Way Out
    10. Outlaster

  • On Leaving (2011)
    1. Jim's Room
    2. Brad Haunts a Party
    3. Our Day Trip
    4. Counting Up Your Bones
    5. Dumb I Am
    6. Why Don't You Stay Home
    7. One Old Woman
    8. Treehouse Song
    9. Lee
    10. Settling Song
    11. Bird of Cuzco
    12. If We Go to the West