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  1. From Nothing To Nowhere
  2. Barnes
  3. Good To Sea
  4. How We Breathe
  5. Walters
  6. Subbing For Eden
  7. Devil You Know
  8. Blue Harvest
  9. Torch
  10. Bouquet
  11. Off By 50
  12. The Speed Of Dub

Released: 2007
Essentials: 2007

Autumn of the Seraphs is Pinback’s fourth full-length record, and second on Touch and Go. 2004’s Summer in Abaddon hit the scene like high tide gliding in, whirling around listeners, full of beautiful intensity. It found its place in the hearts of a crazy amount of people worldwide following the success of the single “Fortress,” and rightfully so. This record, Autumn of the Seraphs, pushes forward and upward. Its melodies are more dynamic and aggressive, while still gently pulling you back in again and again. While entirely recorded in the band’s home studios once again, this record is tighter, the drumming more immediate and crisp. Those duties were shared by Mario Rubalcaba (Rocket from the Crypt) and Chris Prescott (No Knife), and it’s a marked difference from Pinback’s previous releases. “Good to Sea” is the jam of Indian summer. “Walters” saunters its way to a buzzy guitar breakdown while “Subbing for Eden” works steadily toward each climactic chorus. Autumn of the Seraphs is for both rabbits and people, for good days and for ones where you should have stayed in bed. It’s Pinback’s best yet, and it’s going to take you over. Read more on Last.fm.

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