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  • Break Me Open
    1. Dark
    2. Starless
    3. Sunshower
    4. Island
    5. Waking Up
    6. Desolate
    7. Paralyzed
    8. Where I Was
    9. Break Me Open
    10. Crestfallen

  • All We Grow (2010)
    1. Move
    2. We Fell
    3. In The Dirt
    4. Rothko Fields
    5. Mothers
    6. Action
    7. In The Stream
    8. All We Grow
    9. Broken

    All We Grow is the debut album of S. Carey. The album was recorded over a period of two years at Carey's home and at Justin Vernon's studio during breaks from touring with Bon Iver. Carey has cited Justin Vernon, Megafaun, Bowerbirds, A.A. Bondy, Collections of Colonies of Bees, Feist, and Sigur Rós as some of his major inspirations for All We Grow. The album was very well received by both audiences and critics, and currently holds a rating of 73 out of 100 on Metacritic. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Range of Light (2014)
    1. Glass/Film
    2. Creaking
    3. Crown The Pines
    4. Fire-Scene
    5. Radiant
    6. Alpenglow
    7. Fleeting Light
    8. The Dome
    9. Neverending Fountain