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  • Just for a Day
    1. Spanish Air
    2. Celia's Dream
    3. Catch the Breeze
    4. Ballad of Sister Sue
    5. Erik's Song
    6. Waves
    7. Brighter
    8. The Sadman
    9. Primal

    Just for a Day is the debut studio album by the English band Slowdive, released on 2 September 1991 by record label Creation. Just for a Day was recorded at Courtyard Studios in Abingdon in the Thames Valley, formerly known as Georgetown Studios. The album peaked at No. 3 in the UK Indie Chart. Upon its release, copies of the album were labelled with a sticker that read "like a mind altering substance, without the risk". Just for a Day has been generally well received by critics. Trouser Press wrote that it was "up and down in material, but the songs that are solid are breathtaking, and those that aren't are at least hypnotic and slowly sensuous." Jon Ridge, reviewing the album for Lime Lizard magazine, thought the album was premature, describing it as "more a continuation, or aqueous celebration rather, than an advancement over their rather spiffing previous three EPs". Pitchfork's review of the album, while generally favourable, wrote: "There's a lot less weight to it, and if anything in Slowdive's catalogue will seem dated, it's the overgroomed production on these songs". In 1999, critic Ned Raggett ranked the album at number 17 on his list of "The Top 136 or So Albums of the Nineties". Read more on Last.fm.

  • everything is alive
    1. shanty
    2. prayer remembered
    3. alife
    4. andalucia plays
    5. kisses
    6. skin in the game
    7. chained to a cloud
    8. the slab

    The fifth album from shoegaze giants Slowdive contains the duality of a familiar internal language mixed with the exaltation of new beginnings. everything is alive is transportive, searching and aglow, the work of a classic band continuing to pitch its unmistakable voice to the future. Six years after the group’s monumental self-titled album, everything is alive finds Slowdive—vocalists and guitarists Rachel Goswell and Neil Halstead, guitarist Christian Savill, bassist Nick Chaplin, and drummer Simon Scott—locating evermore contours of its immersive, elemental sound. The new record began with Halstead in the role of writer and producer, working on demos at home. Experimenting with modular synths, Halstead originally conceived of everything is alive as a “more minimal electronic record.” Slowdive’s collective decision-making ultimately drew the group back towards their signature reverb-drenched guitars, but that first concept seeped into the compositions. “As a band, when we’re all happy with it, that tends to be the stronger material,” Halstead says. “We’ve always come from slightly different directions, and the best bits are where we all meet in the middle.” The convergence of five unique characters has made the sound. “Slowdive is very much the sum of its parts,” Goswell adds. “Something unquantifiable happens when the five of us come together in a room.” The group’s projected studio sessions for everything is alive, in April 2020, were naturally scrapped, and when the group finally did meet up, six months later, at Courtyard Studio, where they’ve historically recorded, the mood was jubilant. (Finally, they had a proper reason to leave the house.) That was the beginning of a multi-year recording process, which moved from Oxfordshire and into the Wolds of Lincolnshire and back to Neil’s own Cornish studio before extending into February 2022, when the band brought in mixer Shawn Everett (The War On Drugs, SZA, Alvvays) to mix six of the record’s eight tracks. Owing to their deep history, there’s a palpable familial energy to Slowdive in 2023. everything is alive is dedicated to Goswell’s mother and Scott’s father, who both died in 2020. “There were some profound shifts for some of us personally,” Goswell says. Those crossroads are reflected in the many-layered emotional tenor of Slowdive’s music; everything is alive is heavy with experience, but each note is poised, wise, and necessarily pitched to hope. Its unique alchemy subtly embodies both sadness and gratitude, groundedness and uplift. Reflecting on “kisses,” which may be Slowdive’s surest pop moment yet, Halstead said, “It wouldn’t feel right to make a really dark record right now. The album is quite eclectic emotionally, but it does feel hopeful.” everything is alive, is exactly what the title suggests: an exploration into the shimmering nature of life and the universal touch points within it. Spanning psychedelic soundscapes, pulsating 80’s electronic elements and John Cale inspired journeys, the album lands immediately as something made for the future; which figures, as their fanbase has grown younger and younger as time has gone on, and their influence on forward thinking musical artists continues to prevail. For a genre that is often thought of as divisive, and often warrants introspection, here Slowdive show their craft as the masters of it by pushing it outwards, beyond the singular; the end result being a record which feels as emotional and cathartic as it is optimistic. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Souvlaki (1993)
    1. Alison
    2. Machine Gun
    3. 40 Days
    4. Sing
    5. Here She Comes
    6. Souvlaki Space Station
    7. When the Sun Hits
    8. Melon Yellow
    9. Dagger
    10. Altogether

    Souvlaki is the second studio album by English band Slowdive, released on June 1, 1993, via Creation Records. The album's title was taken from a skit by comedy duo The Jerky Boys, where one of the duo prank calls a hotel manager asking him to perform sexual acts on his wife. Upon learning the manager is Greek, the caller says: "My wife loves that Greek shit... She'll suck your cock like souvlaki". On its initial release, Souvlaki peaked at number 51 on the UK Albums Chart and was greeted with tepid reviews from critics. It has since received retrospective critical acclaim and has been hailed as a classic of the shoegaze genre. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Pygmalion (1995)
    1. Rutti
    2. Crazy For You
    3. Miranda
    4. Trellisaze
    5. Cello
    6. J's Heaven
    7. Visions of La
    8. Blue Skied An' Clear
    9. All of Us

    Pygmalion is Slowdive's third album, released on February 6th, 1995. Pygmalion is widely recognized as a severe departure from the band's previous work. The album has a much more bleak and damaged approach than Just For a Day or Souvlaki. On this album Slowdive uses a wide array of different electronic effects and a heavier focus on clean guitar tones. The cover illustration features imagery from Rainer Wehinger's graphic notation for György Ligeti's work Artikulation (1958). Read more on Last.fm.

  • Slowdive (2017)
    1. Slomo
    2. Star Roving
    3. Don't Know Why
    4. Sugar For The Pill
    5. Everyone Knows
    6. No Longer Making Time
    7. Go Get It
    8. Falling Ashes

    Slowdive is the self-titled fourth studio album from the iconic shoegaze band Slowdive. Being Slowdive's first release in 22 years, it was released on May 5th, 2017 with two singles (Star Roving and Sugar for the Pill) preceding it's release. The album received highly positive reviews and acclaim upon release and it was included in numerous yearly top album lists at the end of 2017. Read more on Last.fm.