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  • Hecla & Griper (1998)
    1. Pass
    2. All Pass
    3. Defenders
    4. declarer
    5. Easts Last Heart
    6. Reply & Claim
    7. Advice to Aces
    8. Darling...
    9. Debts (Bonus Track)
    10. Pilot & Friend (Bonus Track)
    11. Hearts Newly Arrived (Hecla Session Bonus Track)
    12. One of Those Uncertain Hands (Hecla Session Bonus Track)

  • Axxess & Ace (1999)
    1. Hot Black Silk
    2. Love & Work
    3. Love Leaves Its Abusers
    4. Redhead
    5. Captain Badass
    6. Come Back to Your Man
    7. Champion
    8. How to Be Perfect Men
    9. Goodnight Lover

  • The Lioness (2000)
    1. The Black Crow
    2. Tigress
    3. Nervous Bride
    4. Being In Love
    5. Lioness
    6. Coxcomb Red
    7. Back on Top
    8. Baby Take a Look
    9. Just a Spark

    The Lioness is the fourth regular album by Songs: Ohia. It was recorded by Andrew Miller at Chem 19 Studios in Glasgow, Scotland with Alasdair Roberts, Geof Comings and members of Arab Strap, and released by Secretly Canadian on January 17, 2000. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Ghost Tropic (2000)
    1. Lightning Risked It All
    2. The Body Burned Away
    3. No Limit on the Words
    4. Ghost Tropic
    5. The Ocean's Nerves
    6. Not Just a Ghost's Heart
    7. Ghost Tropic
    8. Incantation

  • Impala (2000)
    1. An Ace Unable to Change
    2. Easts Heart Divided
    3. this time anything finite at all
    4. Hearts Newly Arrived
    5. Till Morning Reputations
    6. One Of Those Uncertain Hands
    7. A Humble Cause Again
    8. The Rules Of Absence
    9. Just What Can Last
    10. Program: The Mask
    11. Structuring: Necessity
    12. Separations: Reminder
    13. Program And Disjunction

    Impala is the second album by Songs: Ohia. It was released on CD by Happy-Go-Lucky, and on LP by Secretly Canadian on April 1, 1998. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Didn't It Rain (2002)
  • Keep It Steady (2002)
    1. Keep It Steady
    2. United or Lost Alone

  • The Magnolia Electric Co. (2003)
    1. Farewell Transmission
    2. I've Been Riding With the Ghost
    3. Just Be Simple
    4. Almost Was Good Enough
    5. The Old Black Hen
    6. Peoria Lunch Box Blues
    7. John Henry Split My Heart
    8. Hold on Magnolia

    Magnolia Electric Co. is the seventh regular and final album by Songs: Ohia. It was recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago and released by Secretly Canadian on March 4, 2003. It received critical acclaim according to Metacritic (with a composite rating of 85, ranking 24th among best albums of 2003).Delusions of Adequacy called it "a watershed album, an artistic breakthrough, and the first album to fully realize Molina's potential."Allmusic was more reticent in its wording, claiming that "Magnolia Electric Co. may not be the best Songs: Ohia album, but it is certainly the most approachable. It has a big, open feel certain to appeal to any classic rock fan, but retains the warm intimacy of previous albums."The naming of the album and comments by Jason Molina have led to discussions whether it is not, in fact, the first album by Molina's new band, also named Magnolia Electric Co. In fact the artwork for the album does not contain the name Songs: Ohia anywhere. On the other hand, the album was recorded with different musicians than the current members of Magnolia Electric Co., and the decision to take on the new name was not announced until the tour following the release in the Spring of 2003. Molina has later declared Didn't It Rain the final Songs: Ohia album. Read more on Last.fm.