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  1. Pig
  2. Painbirds
  3. Saint Mary
  4. Good Morning Spider
  5. Sick Of Goodbyes
  6. Box Of Stars (Part One)
  7. Sunshine
  8. Chaos Of The Galaxy/Happy Man (Medley)
  9. Hey, Joe
  10. Come On In
  11. Maria's Little Elbows
  12. Cruel Sun
  13. All Night Home
  14. Ghost Of His Smile
  15. Hundreds Of Sparrows
  16. Box Of Stars (Part Two)
  17. Junebug

Released: 1999

Good Morning Spider is the second album by Sparklehorse. The album’s title came from a sound that Sparklehorse singer-songwriter Mark Linkous once heard from an old pump organ that reminded him of a spider building a web. He was later told about an old folk superstition in which seeing a spider in the morning is an omen for a sad day. Following the release of its first album Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot, Sparklehorse embarked on a European tour opening for Radiohead, who praised Sparklehorse as their favorite new band.It was during this tour in 1996 that Mark Linkous suffered a near-fatal overdose that would have long-lasting effects on both his physical and psychological well-being.After mixing antidepressants and alcohol, Linkous passed out in the bathroom of his London hotel room with his legs pinned underneath him, which cut off circulation to his legs. It would be over fourteen hours before the unconscious singer was finally discovered and rushed to the hospital. When paramedics tried to straighten out his legs, Linkous suffered a heart attack and was clinically dead for three minutes before being resuscitated. A series of painful surgeries followed, along with a three-month stay at St Mary’s Hospital in London. Read more on Last.fm.

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