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  • Music Is Rotted One Note
    1. Chunk-S
    2. Don't Go Plastic
    3. Dust Switch
    4. Curve 1
    5. 137 (Rinse)
    6. Parallelogram Bin
    7. Circular Flexing
    8. Ill Descent
    9. My Sound
    10. Drunken Style
    11. Theme From Vertical Hold
    12. Ruin
    13. Shin Triad
    14. Step 1
    15. Last Ap Roach

    Music Is Rotted One Note is Squarepusher's third LP, released on Oct. 12 1998 by both Nothing and Warp Records. It is an avant-garde, highly experimental album full of contemporary techniques for sound production, with its songs leaning more toward jams and improvisational playing rather than "track" style dance arrangements; as such, some listeners call this Squarepusher's "jazz" or "fusion" album. On its face, the album could be labeled that so-called jazz way in part, but ultimately it's better described as a great presentation of the effect of contemporary production techniques on the outcome of recorded music. Tom Jenkinson, the man behind the moniker, presents his obvious musical prowess on this record, as he played all the instruments himself. He cooks up some grooves that are at points definitely reminiscent of the Miles Davis sound around "In A Silent Way" - which is probably the reason this album gets lumped into a fusion category so often - but in classic IDM fashion a la contemporaries like Aphex Twin, he'll cut the phrases around almost without warning before the groove sets in by the usual manner. But he doesn't just break listener's expectations of grooves - random pitches will shift, timbres will bend in unconventional ways, samples will pan in and out of the mix at random. These elements give the jazz base that is occasionally there a more random, pastiche feel that keeps this music from being easily contained by pigeonholing attempts and labels. It also gives the album huge replay value; new corners of sound reveal themselves after repeated listens. This is arguably the most well-received of Squarepusher's records in terms of critical response.

  • Go Plastic (2000)
    1. My Red Hot Car
    2. Boneville Occident
    3. Go! Spastic
    4. Metteng Excuske v1.2
    5. The Exploding Psychology
    6. I Wish You Could Talk
    7. Greenways Trajectory
    8. Tommib
    9. My Fucking Sound
    10. Plaistow Flex Out

  • My Red Hot Car (2001)
    1. My Red Hot Car (Girl)
    2. My Red Hot Car
    3. I Wish You Obelisk
    4. Hardcore Obelisk

  • Ultravisitor (2004)
    1. Ultravisitor
    2. I Fulcrum
    3. Iambic 9 Poetry
    4. Andrei
    5. 50 Cycles
    6. Menelec
    7. C-Town Smash
    8. Steinbolt
    9. An Arched Pathway
    10. Telluric Piece
    11. District Line II
    12. Circlewave
    13. Tetra-Sync
    14. Every Day I Love
    15. Tommib Help Buss