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  1. Three-Dee Melodie
  2. Wow and Flutter
  3. Transona Five
  4. Des Etoiles Electroniques
  5. Ping Pong
  6. Anamorphose
  7. Three Longers Later
  8. Nihilist Assault Group
  9. International Colouring Contest
  10. The Stars Our Destination
  11. Transporté Sans Bouger
  12. L'Enfer Des Formes
  13. Outer Accelerator
  14. New Orthophony
  15. Fiery Yellow

Mars Audiac Quintet is the third album by the band Stereolab, released in August 1994. Initial releases of the CD came with bonus two-track disk. During the recording of the album, guitarist Sean O'Hagan left as a full-time member to form his own group, while keyboardist Katharine Gifford was added. Personnel * Laetitia Sadier - vocals, guitar, Vox organ, Moog synthesizer, tambourine * Tim Gane - guitar, Vox organ, Moog synthesizer, percussion * Sean O'Hagan - guitar, Vox & Farfisa organs * Andy Ramsay - drums * Mary Hansen - vocals, guitar, tambourine * Duncan Brown - guitar, bass, background vocals * Katharine Gifford - keyboards Read more on Last.fm.

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