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  • A Short Album About Murder (2001)
    1. no matter what
    2. Snowblind
    3. it's just that we don't show it
    4. Bad Night Is Falling
    5. If You Tell Me The Truth, I Will Kill You
    6. There Is No Rest
    7. By Anybody Else I Mean You

  • A Heart Without a Mind EP (2003)
    1. A Heart Without a Mind (radio mix)
    2. Fade Out Your Eyes (Live at D+M)
    3. Hard to Find
    4. Snow Crush Killing Song

  • The Point Misser (2005)
    1. The Sign That Points One Way
    2. Heaven Is Burning, Part 1
    3. Words Never Spoken
    4. Future Debt Collector
    5. Off Is Not a Speed
    6. It Was the Earth He Was Standing On That Was Moving
    7. Dead Air
    8. Psychic Friends Network

  • I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing (2008)
    1. The Long Wait
    2. A Heart Without a Mind
    3. You Pretend You Own This Place
    4. Forever, You Said Forever
    5. It Wouldn't Change a Thing
    6. I Have to Keep Reminding Myself to Be Pleased
    7. Blow It Away from Your Eyes
    8. If I Believed You/Back Into Focus

  • Nothing's Lost (2008)
    1. Misguided
    2. Ticket Out of Town
    3. Couches in Alleys
    4. Beequeen
    5. Your Eyes Only
    6. Front to Back
    7. Safe + Broken
    8. Anything
    9. Make It Mine

  • Political Songs (2020)
    1. Political Song for Theodor W. Adorno to Sing
    2. Political Song for James Baldwin to Sing
    3. Political Song for Hannah Arendt to Sing
    4. Political Song for Angela Y. Davis to Sing
    5. Political Song for Susan Sontag to Sing
    6. Political Song for the Lonely City to Sing
    7. Political Song for Brian Eno to Sing