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  • Immediate Action #8 (2001)
    1. Sound in a Dark Room
    2. ttv (slicker new arrivals and spit up remix)
    3. 8 Track Project Cut
    4. Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Prefuse 73 Bonus Beats remix)

  • Immolate Yourself (2009)
    1. The Birds
    2. Your Mouth
    3. M
    4. Helen of Troy
    5. Mostly Translucent
    6. Stay Away From Being Maybe
    7. I Made a Tree on the Wold
    8. Your Every Idol
    9. You Are the Worst Thing in the World
    10. Immolate Yourself

    Immolate Yourself is the third full-length album by American electronica band Telefon Tel Aviv, released on BPitch Control. Immolate means to sacrifice, meaning that the title means "sacrifice yourself" Two days after its release, band member Charles Cooper died in Chicago, Illinois. His death is not related thematically to the album. Read more on Last.fm.