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  1. Perro
  2. Blank Pages
  3. There Is a Wind
  4. Within Dreams
  5. Falling From the Sun
  6. Stand Still
  7. Summer Fog
  8. Until the Last
  9. We Are
  10. Almost There
  11. Tied Knots

Released: 2010

A Chorus of Storytellers is the summation of every record made by The Album Leaf. Recorded with a full band, including Stephen Malkmus formerly of Pavement, A Chorus of Storytellers holds more vocals than any of The Album Leaf's previous works. This differs from their previous works in two ways: the first being that Jimmy LaValle normally did all instrumentals himself; and secondly, the album is cleaner than all previous because of recording with a full band. Read more on Last.fm.

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