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  • Know by Heart (2001)
    1. Punk as Fuck
    2. The Only One
    3. Like Foxes Through Fences
    4. The Postman
    5. Choir Vandals
    6. Gone to Earth
    7. Million Young
    8. The Kindness of Strangers
    9. Know by Heart
    10. Slow Company
    11. Aaron & Maria
    12. We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore

  • Updates (2002)
    1. Desert Eagle (All I Want for Christmas mix)
    2. These Days (Amanset Keystroke mix)
    3. Aaron & Maria (Her Space Holiday mix)
    4. Know by Heart (Her Space Holiday mix)
    5. The Postman (Styrofoam's Just Like the Nineties Never Happened mix)
    6. We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore (Styrofoam's Freezer Burn mix)

  • Promise of Love (2003)
    1. Continuous Hit Music
    2. Hard to Find
    3. Come Home Baby Julie, Come Home
    4. You Own Me
    5. Promise of Love
    6. The Hatist
    7. Fool Around
    8. Modern Drummer

    Promise of Love was the fifth full length proper from the beloved American Analog Set, picking up right where their previous album, Know By Heart left off. Amanset’s ability to craft a captivating, swirling, enigmatic and heartbreakingly beautiful song had not dissipated, despite the bi-coastal nature of the band at this time with Andrew Kenney living in Brooklyn and the rest of the band back in Austin. The 8 tracks captured on Promise of Love showcased their ability to write a rock song, a sad song, a dance song, and a slow burner, and juxtapose them all to create a near flawless album, front to back. It was released on June 17th, 2003. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Set Free (2005)
    1. Born On The Cusp
    2. Immaculate Heart 1
    3. Immaculate Heart 2
    4. Cool Kids Keep
    5. she´s half
    6. JR
    7. Play Hurt
    8. (Theme From) Everything Ends
    9. Sharp Briar
    10. The Green Green Grass
    11. First Of Four
    12. fuck this... i´m leaving

  • The Fun of Watching Fireworks (2008)
    1. Diana Slowburner II
    2. On My Way
    3. Gone to Earth
    4. On the Run's Where I'm From
    5. Dim Stars (The Boy in My Arms)
    6. Trespassers in the Stereo Field
    7. Too Tired to Shine II
    8. It's Alright

  • Queen Of Her Own Parade (2023)
  • For Forever (2023)
    1. Camp Don't Count
    2. Screaming For Vengeance
    3. Konika & Maliko
    4. Over The Jeans
    5. Long Limbs
    6. By The Bridle
    7. For Forever
    8. Mick Turner
    9. The Quiet Dark
    10. Gin Shakes
    11. Mountain