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  1. Pole Position
  2. Wide Web
  3. Insinuation
  4. Barricade
  5. That's the Trick
  6. Checking In
  7. Cold Night
  8. Park Dub
  9. Burning Paper
  10. (Blank Paper)
  11. Ball & Chain
  12. Fall Into November
  13. Dare to Be Surprised
  14. River Devotion

Released: 1997

Dare to Be Surprised is the second album by The Folk Implosion. It was released in 1997 on Communion Records. As per liner notes, the album was "recorded at Bliss onto videotape, 8-16 tracks." Also, "no analog equipment was used in the production of this record (except for a couple of things)". Personnel: * Lou Barlow - bass guitar, drums, vocals * John Davis - guitars, drums, vocals * Wally Gagel - recording engineer, mix doctor, drum machine programmer, taxi service * Gary Weissman - cover artwork, handiwork, layout * Tamara Boon - photo maker * JJ Gifford - digital manipulation of art and photos Read more on Last.fm.

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