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  • The Glow, Pt. 2 (2001)
    1. I Want Wind to Blow
    2. The Glow Pt. 2
    3. the Glow, pt. 2
    4. The Moon
    5. Headless Horseman
    6. My Roots Are Strong And Deep
    7. Instrumental
    8. The Mansion
    9. (Something)
    10. Deep
    11. I'll Not Contain You
    12. The Gleam Pt. 2
    13. The Gleam, Pt. 2
    14. Map
    15. You'll Be in the Air
    16. not listed
    17. I Want to be Cold
    18. I am Bored
    19. I Felt My Size
    20. Instrumental (2)
    21. Instrumental 2
    22. I Felt Your Shape
    23. Samurai Sword
    24. My Warm Blood

  • Mount Eerie (2003)
    1. I. The Sun
    2. Solar System
    3. III. Universe
    4. IV. Mount Eerie
    5. V. Universe

    Mount Eerie is the last studio album from the band The Microphones. Microphones frontman Phil Elvrum began working on "Mount Eerie" after taking a long tour of Europe and North America. Released by K Records in 2003, the album is named after the mountain on Fidalgo Island where Elvrum spent much of his childhood. Containing five songs of various lengths, the album picks up from where The Glow Pt. 2 leaves off. In the story Elvrum is dead and he goes on a journey through a multitude of levels of consciousness and existence and (penultimately) discovers the face of the Universe. It represents a turning point and a realization period in Elvrum's life. The album is noted by critics for its stellar production and imaginative songwriting. Personnel Phil Elvrum - vocals, guitars, bass, organ, piano, Swiss alpenhorn, drums, additional percussion Adam Forkner - Cowbell and Trumpet on "The Sun," Anna Oxygen - Additional vocals on "The Sun," "Mt. Eerie" Mirah - Additional vocals on "Solar System" Khaela Maricich - Additional vocals on "Universe" (part 1), "Mt. Eerie" Calvin Johnson - Additional vocals on "Universe" (part 1) Jenn Kliese - Additional vocals on "Universe" (part 1), "Mt. Eerie," and "Universe" (part 2) Kyle Field - Additional vocals and instruments on "Mt. Eerie" Karl Blau - Additional vocals and instruments on "Mt. Eerie" Read more on Last.fm.