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  • If I Was (2015)
    1. Blood I Bled
    2. Steady
    3. No Me, No You, No More
    4. Let Me Down
    5. Black & White
    6. Damn It All
    7. The Shining
    8. Don't You Call Me Anymore
    9. Horizons
    10. Teeth White
    11. Make It Holy
    12. Sadness Don't Own Me

    The Staves, a folk-influenced U.K. trio featuring sisters Emily, Jessica, and Camila Staveley-Taylor, made waves with their debut album, 2012's Dead & Born & Grown & Live, which put the emphasis on the siblings' vocals, both individually and in harmony, as they performed with spare acoustic arrangements. For their second full-length effort, 2015's If I Was, the Staves have taken a somewhat different approach; with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver producing, the sophomore album keeps one foot in contemporary folk while introducing elements of Americana and soft rock into their formula, all the while highlighting the sisters' clear and emotionally powerful singing. If I Was is an album that expands the Staves' musical range without smothering the qualities that make them so memorable, and it's a step forward that brings out the best in the trio. Read more on Last.fm.