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  • The Wild Hunt (2010)
    1. The Wild Hunt
    2. Burden of Tomorrow
    3. Troubles Will Be Gone
    4. You're Going Back
    5. The Drying of the Lawns
    6. King of Spain
    7. Love Is All
    8. Thousand Ways
    9. A Lion's Heart
    10. Kids on the Run

    The Wild Hunt is the second album of the Swedish folk artist The Tallest Man on Earth, released April 13, 2010. Critical reception has been decidedly positive, with a current Metacritic score of 79 from 26 critics and Pitchfork Media rating it 8.5 out of 10. It was also voted the top album of 2010 by the staff of Sputnikmusic. Pitchfork Media placed it at number 33 on its list "The Top 50 Albums of 2010". Read more on Last.fm.

  • Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird (2010)
    1. Little River
    2. The Dreamer
    3. Like the Wheel
    4. Tangle in This Trampled Wheat
    5. Thrown Right at Me

    Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird is an EP by The Tallest Man on Earth, released on September 6, 2010. All songs written and composed by Kristian Matsson. Read more on Last.fm.

  • There's No Leaving Now (2012)
    1. To Just Grow Away
    2. Revelation Blues
    3. Leading Me Now
    4. 1904
    5. Bright Lanterns
    6. There's No Leaving Now
    7. Wind and Walls
    8. Little Brother
    9. Criminals
    10. On Every Page

    There's No Leaving Now is the third studio album by Swedish folk artist The Tallest Man on Earth, released on 11 June 2012 on Dead Oceans. The album was preceded by the single "1904", released as a digital download on 15 May 2012. The track was also made available as a free download on Rolling Stones's official website. The album was recorded during a five-month long sessions in The Tallest Man on Earth's home, where he lives with his wife Amanda Bergman. The release of the album was announced in March 2012, together with the record's tracklist and artwork. During an interview released to American magazine Rolling Stone, The Tallest Man on Earth explained the sound of There's No Leaving Now: "I wanted to build something that didn't sound like a rock band, but wasn't super minimalistic. I wanted a sound that had that brittle [quality], that feeling that it might just fall apart." Lyrically, the album is focused on the willingness to confront and deal with your own weaknesses, as, as opposed to the theme of running away, which was recurring on his previous works. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Dark Bird Is Home (2015)
    1. Fields of Our Home
    2. Darkness of the Dream
    3. Singers
    4. Slow Dance
    5. Little Nowhere Towns
    6. Sagres
    7. Timothy
    8. Beginners
    9. Seventeen
    10. Dark Bird Is Home