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  1. Time Xone
  2. We Want War
  3. Three Thousand
  4. Hologram
  5. Attack Music
  6. Fire-Power
  7. Orion
  8. Canticle
  9. Drum Courts - Where Corals Lie
  10. White Chords
  11. 5

Released: 2010

Hidden is the second studio album by British art rock band These New Puritans. Produced by frontman Jack Barnett and former Bark Psychosis leader Graham Sutton, it was released on 18 January 2010 in the United Kingdom by Angular Recording Corporation and in the rest of the world by Domino Records. The label's press release describes the album as featuring: "Six-foot Japanese Taiko drums, a thirteen piece brass and woodwind en-semble, sub-heavy beats, prepared piano, a children’s choir, Foley recording techniques (including a melon with cream crackers attached struck by a hammer, used to simulate the sound of a human head being smashed), and the ethereal voice of Heather Marlatt from dream-pop group Salem" Read more on Last.fm.

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