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  • Waiting for the Moon
    1. Until the Morning Comes
    2. say goodbye to the city
    3. Sweet Memory
    4. 4.48 Psychosis
    5. Waiting for the Moon
    6. Trying to Find a Home
    7. Sometimes It Hurts
    8. My Oblivion
    9. Just a Dog
    10. Running Wild

  • Tindersticks (1993)
    1. Nectar
    2. Fruitless
    3. Tyed
    4. Sweet, Sweet Man, Part 1
    5. Whiskey & Water
    6. Blood
    7. City Sickness
    8. Patchwork
    9. Marbles
    10. The Walt Blues
    11. Milky Teeth
    12. Sweet, Sweet Man, Part 2
    13. Jism
    14. Piano Song
    15. Tie-Dye
    16. Raindrops
    17. Sweet, Sweet Man, Part 3
    18. Her
    19. Tea Stain
    20. Drunk Tank
    21. Paco de Renaldos Dream
    22. The Not Knowing

  • Tindersticks [II] (1995)
    1. El Diablo En El Ojo
    2. A Night In
    3. My Sister
    4. Tiny Tears
    5. Snowy In F♯ Minor
    6. Seaweed
    7. Vertrauen II
    8. Talk To Me
    9. No More Affairs
    10. Singing
    11. Travelling Light
    12. Cherry Blossoms
    13. She's Gone
    14. Mistakes
    15. Vertrauen III
    16. Sleepy Song

  • Curtains (1997)
    1. The Past Recedes
    2. Lever Pulled
    3. Anne
    4. The Real
    5. A Name
    6. Control
    7. Your Warning
    8. Hope
    9. Ascension
    10. Time Tonight
    11. Leap Your Bar

    Curtains is the ninth solo album by John Frusciante released February 1, 2005 on the label Record Collection. It was the last record of a six album series Frusciante released, within the span of six months. The album was mainly composed of acoustic guitar, in contrast to his previous collaboration with Josh Klinghoffer, A Sphere in the Heart of Silence (2004), which was mostly electronic. Carla Azar (from the band Autolux) plays drums, Ken Wild plays upright bass, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, of The Mars Volta, makes various guest appearances on guitar. Frusciante plays all other instruments on the album. A video was made for "The Past Recedes", which was released exclusively on the Internet. Read more on Last.fm.

  • Donkeys 92-97 (1998)
    1. Patchwork - Single Version
    2. Marbles - Single Version
    3. Her - Original Version
    4. City Sickness
    5. Travelling Light
    6. I've Been Loving You Too Long
    7. Plus De Liaisons - French Version
    8. Here
    9. Tiny Tears (Petites Gouttes D'Eau)
    10. Bathtime - Single Version / Remix
    11. A Marriage Made In Heaven - Orchestral Version
    12. For Those... - Orchestral Version

  • Simple Pleasure (1999)
    1. Can We Start Again
    2. if you're looking for a way out
    3. Pretty Words
    4. From The Inside
    5. If She's Torn
    6. Before You Close Your Eyes
    7. (You Take) This Heart Of Mine
    8. i know that loving
    9. CF GF

  • Trouble Every Day (2000)
    1. Opening Titles
    2. Dream
    3. Houses
    4. Maid Theme
    5. Room 321
    6. Computer
    7. Notre Dame
    8. Killing Theme
    9. Taxi To Coré
    10. Coré on Stairs / Love Theme
    11. Maid Theme (End)
    12. Closing Titles
    13. Killing Theme (Alternative Version)
    14. Trouble Every Day

  • Can Our Love... (2001)
    1. dying slowly
    2. People Keep Comin' Around
    3. Tricklin'
    4. Can Our Love...
    5. Sweet Release
    6. Don't Ever Get Tired
    7. No Man in the World
    8. Chilitetime

  • Working for the Man (2004)
    1. City Sickness
    2. Marbles
    3. Patchwork
    4. Her - Original Version
    5. Travelling Light
    6. Tiny Tears
    7. Bathtime
    8. Another Night In
    9. Can We Start Again
    10. i know that loving
    11. For Those... - Orchestral Version
    12. Patchwork - Single Version
    13. Milky Teeth
    14. Joe Stumble
    15. For Those... - Original 7" version
    16. Benn
    17. Fruitless
    18. Untitled
    19. The Bull Ring
    20. Kathleen
    21. Summat Moon
    22. A Sweet Sweet Man
    23. E Type Joe
    24. Plus De Liaisons - French Version
    25. Waiting 'Round You
    26. I've Been Loving You Too Long
    27. Here
    28. Harry's Dilemma

  • The Hungry saw (2008)
    1. Introduction
    2. Yesterdays Tomorrows
    3. The Flicker Of A Little Girl
    4. Come Feel The Sun
    5. E-Type
    6. The Other Side Of The World
    7. The Organist Entertains
    8. The Hungry Saw
    9. Mother Dear
    10. Boobar Come Back to Me
    11. All The Love
    12. The Turns We Took

  • Falling Down A Mountain (2010)
    1. Falling Down A Mountain
    2. Keep You Beautiful
    3. Harmony Around My Table
    4. Peanuts
    5. She Rode Me Down
    6. Hubbards Hills
    7. Black Smoke
    8. No Place So Alone
    9. Factory Girls
    10. Piano Music

    Code: CST065 Band: TINDERSTICKS Title: Falling Down A Mountain Formats: Deluxe LP / CD / MP3 Poster Release Date: January 25, 2010 (Europe), February 16, 2010 (rest of world) Duration: 44:25 Tracklist Falling Down A Mountain Keep You Beautiful Harmony Around My Table Peanuts She Rode Me Down Hubbards Hills Black Smoke No Place So Alone Factory Girls Piano Music Personnel Stuart A. Staples: voice, guitar David Boulter: keyboards, percussion Neil Fraser: guitar Dan McKinna: bass, vocals Terry Edwards: trumpet Earl Harvin: drums David Kitt: guitar, vocals Guests Mary Margaret O’Hara: vocals Andy Nice: cello Joanne Fraser: flute Louison Renault: xylophone, percussion Stephane Colin: string arrangements Recording Recorded at Le Chien Chanceux, France and I.C.P., Belgium by Erwin Autrique and Stuart Staples. Additional recording at 6 Nassau, Toronto by Jeff McMurrich. Produced by Stuart A. Staples. Mastered at Metropolis by Tim Young. Read more on Last.fm.

  • The Something Rain (2012)
    1. Chocolate
    2. Show Me Everything
    3. This Fire of Autumn
    4. A Night So Still
    5. Slippin' Shoes
    6. Medicine
    7. Frozen
    8. Come Inside
    9. Goodbye Joe

    The Something Rain is the ninth studio album by British band Tindersticks, released in February 2012 on their own Lucky Dog Recordings label in the UK, on City Slang Records in Europe, and on Constellation Records in North America. The initial impetus for making a new album came from ideas for a story EP written by keyboard player David Boulter (which became the opening track "Chocolate"), and the album was recorded in stages over the course of a year at the band's studio in France. The recording of the album was overshadowed by the deaths of several friends and family members, but the band were determined to react to the experience positively, rather than wallow in melancholia – Boulter said in an interview that "we didn't want that for the people that'd gone. It was more that the sadness gave us energy to push even harder. To do something great." In a video interview with the Dutch online music magazine FaceCulture, singer Stuart Staples said the album's title was inspired by a story related by guitarist David Kitt, when Kitt had been sent to a songwriting workshop in the United States, and a fellow attendee was having trouble finding a suitable adjective to describe the song he was writing. Read more on Last.fm.