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  1. Houses
  2. Roll On Babe
  3. Sleep a Million Years
  4. Hook & Ladder
  5. To Baby
  6. Road to Ronderlin
  7. Lon Chaney
  8. Hurry On Sundown
  9. The Swimming Song
  10. Blue Driver
  11. Standin'
  12. I Must Be in a Good Place Now

Released: 2008

hing of the Past is the third studio album by Andy Cabic's San-Francisco-based band Vetiver. The album consists of cover songs originally performed by songwriters Andy Cabic considers influential in his music & life. Several of the original authors appear as guests on their respective songs, including Michael Hurley. Thing of the Past was recorded in Spring 2007 in Sacramento and Los Angeles. The basic tracks, including all the guitars, drums, bass and some of the vocals, were recorded live in studio. Cabic has professed pride in the record, remarking: "I think this is the best album I've yet to make, in no small part because the songs are so good, but also because I didn't write them, which offered me a useful combination of restraint and freedom in performing them, bringing out the best in myself and the other musicians. It was an experiment in a lot of ways, and it was one of the best experiences I've yet to have recording anything." Rhapsody (online music service) praised the album, calling it one of their favorite cover albums. Read more on Last.fm.

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