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  1. Beach Party Tonight
  2. Little Eyes
  3. Nothing But You and Me
  4. Season of the Shark
  5. Today Is the Day
  6. Tiny Birds
  7. How to Make a Baby Elephant Float
  8. Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo
  9. Don't Have to Be So Sad
  10. Winter A-Go-Go
  11. Moonrock Mambo
  12. Let's Be Still
  13. Take Care

Released: 2003

Summer Sun is the tenth full-length album by Hoboken-based indie rock band Yo La Tengo, released on April 8, 2003. It is their 5th album released on Matador. Despite the title of the album, the cover shows the band wearing winter coats. When asked about this odd juxtaposition, guitarist Ira Kaplan said: “We really need to get together with the Matador art department about that. We submitted eight rolls of film containing one shot after another of us in bathing suits. At the end of the session, the photographer requested one shot of us in our winter coats, "for his personal collection" we were assured. Imagine our dismay when the album came out". Read more on Last.fm.

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