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2006 | 63 | Homesongs
There is more than artist by this name: 1) an English musician of Turkish descent from South London 2) a rapper who has recorded with Azad and Tone 3) Adem is a thrash band from Ukraine 1) Adem is the solo project of Fridge bassist, London-based Adem Ilhan. Adem specialises in downbeat acoustic songwriting, utilising his knowledge of post-rock from his time in seminal band Fridge to give his folk-ish songs interesting and unexpected idiosyncrasies. Adem admits to never having sung before 2002, though when his debut album Homesongs was released in 2004 (by Domino Recording Co.) it received widespread critical acclaim as much for his voice as for the tales he tells and his way with melody. A second album, Love and Other Planets, was released on April 24, 2006 to generally favorable reviews. In May 2008, Adem released his third album Takes, a collection of 12 cover songs which have influenced the artist from 1991 to 2001, some dating back to his youth. The album includes tracks originally written and performed by Yo La Tengo, The Smashing Pumpkins, Björk, dEUS among others. Official site: www.adem.tv 2) Adem is a rapper who has recorded with Azad and Tone 3) Adem is a thrash band which was born in 1985 in Kyyiv, Ukraine. The band consists of 4 men: Igor Shilin - Guitars, Vocals Vadim Vyrvalsky - Guitars Victor Loukianov - Bass Simon Rymar - Drums They have 3 full-length albums: Time of Madnness (1988) Golgotha (1989) Fight Without Rules (1996) Read more on Last.fm.

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