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afbeelding Ai Phoenix
11-02-2001 09-06-2002 4 2
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NEWS: The album 'The Light Shines Almost All The Way' was mainly recorded in two weekends and finished on and off during the last three years. Release date: the 15. of June 2007. BIO: Ai Phoenix started in 1997, Bergen, Norway, by Patrick Lundberg (vocals, instruments, song writer), Mona Mørk (vocals, song writer), and Robert Jønnum (instruments and sound) The first album "Film" (1998) was released on their own label Ai Phoenix Recordings. 136 CDs were distributed to local record stores. But one of them got in the hands of Oslo-label Dbut Records, who in 1999 released "Film" for a wider audience. In 1999 the band got two new members, Bosse Litzheim (drums) and Espen Mellingen (guitar), to become a complete live band. In August 2000 two albums are released on the new Racing Junior label (also formed by the band's own Robert Jønnum): "Happy To Get Her" (10" mini-album) and "The Driver Is Dead" (Album). Start recording their next album in November. 2001: First European tour joining up with St. Thomas doing concerts in Denmark, Germany, UK, and Italy. They also record the music for the award winning documentary "Balance". Espen and Robert leave the band. Since then the band has stayed a trio, joined by friends from here and there on stage and during recordings. In April 2002 "Lean That Way Forever", their third full-length album, is released. The album consists of recordings spanning over 12 months of recording , and many different line-ups. But most of it is based around the old line-up. 2003: "I've Been Gone - Letter One" is released. Recorded in Høyanger with friends including members of Sister Sonny and Stockhaus / Ungdomskulen. 2007: "The Light Shines Almost All The Way" is released. New homepage with nice photos, music-video etc: www.aiphoenix.no We are soon on the road again with two new on-and-off-members: Leiv Reed and Vegard Urne.

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