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2021 | 75 | Mass III
Amenra is a Belgian post-metal band from Kortrijk, Belgium, formed in 1999. The band was founded by vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout and lead guitarist Mathieu van de Kerckhove. The two had been in the band Spineless and wanted to create music with more "heart and soul". Their name connects the biblical amen with the Egyptian god Ra. They are known for a brooding sound and intense live performances. The group began releasing their dark Mass albums in 2003 and have been experimenting with both sound and liveshows ever since. In 2013, the ensemble joined Neurot Records to release their fifth full-length album. The label was founded by Neurosis; a band that has been influential in Amenra's style and career. Recurring themes in Amenra's music are the duality of birth and death, light and darkness and pain and sacrifice. The band uses psychological and religious motives. Though calling himself agnostic, Van Eeckhout acknowledges the presence of spirituality and religion in the band's work. Amenra often collaborate with visual artists and choreographers, including Willy Vanderperre and Berlinde de Bruyckere. Members: Colin H van Eeckhout - vocals; Mathieu Vandekerckhove - guitars; Lennart Bossu - guitars; Tim De Gieter - bass; Bjorn Lebon - drums. Former members: Vincent Tetaert - guitars; Kristof Mondy - bass; Maarten Kinet - bass; Levy Seynaeve - bass. http://www.churchofra.com Read more on Last.fm.

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