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There are multiple artists called “Amp”. 1) A British space rock/freeform band, formed by Richard Walker. 2) An upbeat dance/techno collaboration between the prolific ambient artist Pete Namlook (also known as Syn and Air) and hardcore/gabber DJ Dandy Jack. 3) A Los Angeles-based rap producer called AMP. 4) A Mexican rock group 5) A South Korean rock group. 6) Anointed Music Productions (Featuring Chung Lee, James Han & Sam Ock) 1. Amp is an electronic space rock band formed in London by Richard Walker (also known as Richard Amp) in 1992, after collaborating with David Pearce (Flying Saucer Attack) on the The Secret Garden and the Distance projects. Amp recorded the audio cassette/short story Green Sky Blue Tree with Ray Dickaty (subsequently a member of Moonshake and Spiritualized, amongst others), while Walker was studying at the Royal College of Art in 1992. After a two year break, Amp resurfaced with French vocalist Karine Charff, Bristol experimentalists Matt Elliott (Flying Saucer Attack and later The Third Eye Foundation) and Matt Jones (Crescent) on board. This line-up released a string of 7” singles in 1995 and the album Sirenes in 1996. Jones and Elliott left to pursue their own projects by 1997. Since then, Amp has centered around Charff and Walker plus a succession of collaborators, including: * Guy Cooper and Gareth Mitchell (Philosopher's Stone) of The Secret Garden, who worked with Amp on Astralmoonbeamprojections (1997) * Robert Hampson (Loop/Main), who worked as producer on Stenorette (1998) * Olivier Gauthier, on Stenorette and L’Amour Invisible (2001) * Jan Zert, on L’Amour Invisible * Donald Ross Skinner (a collaborator of Julian Cope and former member of Baba Looey), Marc Challans, and Ray Dickaty, on US (2005) Discography: * Green Sky Blue Tree (1992) * Sirénes (1996) * Astralmoonbeamprojections (1997) * Perception (1997) * Passe Present (1997) * Stenorette (1998) * Saint Cecilia Sinsemilla (2000) * L’Amour Invisible (2001) * US (2005) * Transmissions (phase 1) (2005) * All Of Yesterday Tomorrow (2007) * Soul Remains (2007) * Motus (2008) * Outposts (2011) Read more on Last.fm.

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