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Amstrong evolved out of the danish noise-rock band "Grind" During the recording of what was to become their third album, the vocalist Peter Buur left Grind and was replaced by Marie-Louise Munck. Because of the new singer and the new and changed musical direction, the group changed its name to "Amstrong". Kim G. Hansen was the main man behind the new sound and the producer, engineer, mixer and main musician on what was to become Amstrongs first album - "Sprinkler". After the release Kim left Amstrong to begin a new project - "antenne" with Marie-Louise on vocals. Jacob Leth and Jens "Valo" continued working as Amstrong untill it was disbanded in 2006. Marie-Louise Munck is still singing in antenne and is also working on her first album as a solo artist. Read more on Last.fm.

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