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At the Close of Every Day is a Dutch band with two members: Axel Kabboord (guitar) and Minco Eggersman (vocals and drums). When playing live, the band is accompanied by Bart Looman on bass. The records are released by their own label and by many others around the world, from Israel to the United States. The music is a mix of intimate melodic personal songs about death, life and faith. The music is inspired by bands like Pedro the Lion, Low and Red House Painters. Sometimes they sound like Sixteen Horsepower, a band they have toured with. In 2002 their debut album was released, called Zalig zijn de armen van geest (Blessed are the Poor in Spirit). In 2003 the ep If You Spoke To Me came out, while it was actually recorded before their debut. In 2004 they released a concept album about the disaster of the sinking Estonia in the Baltic Sea in 1994. The album is called The Silja Symphony, after the ferryboat that first arrived at the place of the disaster and saved the lifes of many. Also in 2004, they recorded a live album and a dvd, called The Sound of Someone Watching Me. In 2005 De geluiden van weleer (The Sounds of Bygone Times) came out, with lyrics in Dutch that could have been written in the fifties. The cd is packed in a book with lyrics and paintings. In march 2007 a remix album was released, called Leaves you puzzled. The special edition package contains a puzzle. The album features remixes of ATCOED-songs by Hood, Styrofoam, Solex, Sylvain Chauveau, Dialect, Spinvis, The Dead Texan, Diefenbach, Kettel, Wixel, Marshall Watson, Stafraenn Hakon, 01:00 am, Mormo, Hillmadelow and Donato Wharton. The latest album of ATCOED is called ' troostprijs'. While the title is in dutch, the lyrics are in english. It features a greater variety of instruments, like banjo, wurlitzer and flutes, than the other albums. ATCOED is also known by their covers of 'Under the Milky' by The Church and 'Bang' by Doe Maar. On De geluiden van weleer, Spinvis sings with Spinvis on the song 'Het hellend vlak'. Minco has also played in Rollercoaster23, The Spirit That Guides Us and has his personal project, called ME (Minco Eggersman). He works also as a producer for some bands. Axel has also played in The Spirit That Guides Us and still plays in This Beautiful Mess and Rowing On The Lakes Of Canada. He also works as a producer for other bands, like Brown Feather Sparrow. Read more on Last.fm.

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