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Contemporary rock historians maintain that The ABPK create rock based on an amalgamation of riff anthems and experimental deconstruction and reconstruction. ABPK has converted audiences to this sound with ear-bleeding performances throughout the US and Canada. "Fly Vultures Fly," is from the band's debut File 13 seven-inch (recorded by Ken Klehm), and highlights ABPK's explosive power and careening song structures. A month later, Southern Records released a self-titled CDEP/10-inch fusing '60s psychedelics with post-punk. In 2000, the band unleashed its first full-length, Alpha Sounds, a collection of recordings engineered by Greg Norman. The album, released by Southern Records, features drummer Matt Espy, who replaced David Burns in June 1999. October 1, 2001 saw the release of the album God Save the ABPK with new member Che Arthur on second guitar. "Under the Smoldering Wreckage There is a Town or Two" is a track recorded specifically for Epitonic. It was recorded in April 2000 at Greg Norman's house, and is otherwise available on a Japanese compilation featuring Midwestern American bands. From the ABPK remix library is the song "Disconnect" done by Sinkovich himself, because "We didn't have enough money to get anyone good to do it." It appears on Skyscraper Magazine's Technology compilation featuring remixes from many great artists, including the Make Up, Engine Down, and The Party of Helicopters. David Burns, ABPK's original drummer (who can be heard on the recording), designed the artwork for the compilation. The original version of "Disconnect" appears as the B-side of the "Fly Vultures Fly" seven-inch, but it sounds way different -- there is no story about exploding whales in the original and every track that is backward on one version is forward on the other and vice versa. The band's friends Rye Coalition contributed the name of the remix, "Disconnect (No Respectable Seagull)," when they listened to it after a night of drinking. While on tour in the Fall of 2001 supporting God Save The ABPK, The ABPK recorded a cut for a Human Rights Watch Benefit Compilation in New Orleans released on Flashburn Records. "This Is Our Commitment" lyrically documents the act of touring as the song was in fact, written mostly during the five-week tour. Atombombpocketknife continued to evolve in the coming years, with Sterling drummer Tony Lazarra taking over on drums (Sinkovich has also begun playing bass in Sterling). In 2003, Sinkovich took the helm of the itinerant File 13 Records, which provided an outlet for the band's third full-length, Lack and Pattern. For this one, The ABPK tapped their own complicated interpersonal relationships and their experiments with Pro Tools to construct an atmosphere of uniquely ominous complexity. MEET THE BAND, A LITTLE BIT OF INFO FOR ALL. Allison Hollihan Bass Guitar Allison carts children around as a social worker by day and bartends at Chicago's Empty Bottle by night. She has a master's degree in child psychology and it comes in handy for both jobs, not to mention the band. Justin Sinkovich Guitar/vocals Justin stares at the computer for days at a time, as he helps run Epitonic.com which he co-founded several years ago. Thumbnail, Justin's previous band also released an album in July 2001. Che Arthur Guitar Che travels the world as a sound engineer for bands such as Trans AM, For Carnation, Don Caballero and Cinerama. When he's not on the road, he mans the sound booth at the Empty Bottle and does solo performances on acoustic guitar. Matt Espy Drums Matt, a recent transplant from Dayton, Ohio works at a coffee shop during the day. When he's not busy with The ABPK, he plays in various side projects around Chicago. Read more on Last.fm.

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