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There are Multiple bands named Bauer: 1. Bauer was a pop duo from Amsterdam (years active: 1999-2006) comprised of former Bettie Serveert drummer Berend Dubbe and Sonja van Hamel. Their graciously arranged pop is strongly influenced by artists such as Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach, Stereolab and Scott Walker. The Dutch Bauer released three studio albums: On the Move (1999), Can't Stop Singing (2000) and Baueresque (2004). Their last album was a live album with Amsterdam's Metropole Orchestra, entitled The Bauer Melody Of 2006. Bauer was awarded a Zilveren Harp ('Silver Harp'), a prestigious music prize in The Netherlands. 2. Bauer is an Argentinian band. They released one EP (Bauer, 2003) and two LP's (Astronauta olvidado, 2004; En Otra Ciudad, 2006). The 72-minute trip that was Astronauta olvidado has been described as post-rock, with traces of Radiohead, Mogwai, Sigur Rós and Pink Floyd psychedelia. En Otra Ciudad was more powerful, with echoes of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, rather than Sigur Rós. Band members are Ezequiel Esposito, Federico Pérez Losada, Gabriel Ardanaz, Julián Paz and Martín Mykietiw. 3. Bauer is an indie band from the north of England. Having shared stages with artists such as Snow Patrol, The Ordinary Boys, Stephen Fretwell, Andy Rourke & Mike Joyce (The Smiths), Brendan Benson and Long-view, the band released one EP (The Bauer EP 2006) and one single (Starting Again).

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