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Beefcake was a duo of Gabor Schablitzki (a.k.a. dj gabor, Robag Wruhme) and Volker Kahl (a.k.a. Kattoo) from Germany. The duo has been inactive since 2004, and as taken from their myspace: "Beefcake is dead. There will never be any new release in the future! No need to worry, just remember the good old days!". Most of Beefcake's music is experimental electronica with elements of IDM, dub, breakcore, illbient, drum'n'bass, and many many more. Overall they have released 3 LPs, 4 EPs, and a b-sides compilation, as well as appearing on many successfull label compilations. Their first release, Spontaneous Human Combustion, was released in 1997 on Hymen Records. * note that New York's four-piece pop-punk band have the same name: in 1996 john(guitar) and phil(vocals/guitar) were looking to start a band and began looking for a drummer and a bass player. with the help of friends, they were introduced to adam bock(drums) and matt buck(bass). beefcake was formed and soon after began playing shows around orange county, new york. things took off pretty fast for the band, once again, with the help of friends. matt decided to leave the band leaving a big spot to fill. ninety 9 cents introduced them to tom soon after. tom had everything they were looking for. he had the right attitude and he was a true asshole like the rest of them. months later they had to find a replacement for adam. beefcake had many fill in drummers during their search. justin from ninety 9 cents, richie from next 2 nothing, matt from bigwig, and phil from cooter(autopilot off) just to name a few. then bigwig introduced them to jack(from fuckin' jersey) and the lineup was complete. like tom, jack also had the right attitude and was an asshole as well. in 1999 beefcake was signed to fearless records of orange county, california. they went right in to the studio and recorded "rejected" which was released in 2000. they began touring america and canada while still playing show in the ny, nj, and pa. areas while they were home. beefcake's first tour was with the ataris and lasted about two and a half months. for a period of about two years they toured with bands such as the ataris(3 times), teen idols, bigwig, dynamite boy, citizen fish, against all authority, luckie strike and more. they made people laugh and cry accross america and canada and had a hell of a time doing it. it was always nice to return home to the o.c. scene and the local kids and bands. that's what truly made them happy. like all good things, it had to end sometime. in 2002, amidst record label bullshit and personal issues, they packed it in. it was a dark, dark time around the world as the word spread of their breakup. millions of hearts were crushed. o.k, maybe hundreds...dozens? their live show was something to see. alot of beer, cursing, a smelly wig, three midgets and an incoherent drummer. even if you hated the band, you could probably find something to laugh at. no one was safe from the verbal abuse. beefcake made alot of friends along the way that still remain a decade later. if you never had the displeasure of seeing beefcake live, maybe these few songs will give you the idea of what they were all about. drinking, fun, bodily functions and most of all the word fuck! enjoy! they sure did! a reunion show or two may be on the horizon. just check in from time to time. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/beefcakeband

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