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Bettie Serveert is a Dutch indie-rock band, founded in 1991 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Their name, which translates to "Bettie serves," is taken from a series of tennis instructional books by Dutch tennis player Betty Stove, who lost the Wimbledon Ladies singles final in 1977. Comprising vocalist Carol Van Dyk (vocals), Peter Visser (guitar), Herman Bunskoeke (bass) and Berend Dubbe (drums) they originally formed in 1986 as a side-project of De Artsen. After De Artsen split up in 1990, Bettie Serveert became a full-time project. Bettie Serveert released their debut album Palomine in 1992, which, fifteen years after its release, is still a modern indie rock classic, wonderfully blending together influences of Velvet Underground and Neil Young with melancholic lyrics, catchy tunes and a lo-fi-feel. After releasing the full-length albums Lamprey (1995), Dust Bunnies (1997) and the Velvet Underground cover album Venus In Furs (1998), drummer Berend Dubbe decided to leave because of musical disagreements. He started his own samplepop-project: Bauer, receiving critical acclaim in Holland and Belgium. Various drummers took the place of Dubbe on the albums that followed (Private Suit, Log 22, Attagirl and Bare Stripped Naked). During most gigs, Gino Geudens of Belgian nineties power pop band Metal Molly, plays the drums. Bettie Serveert continues to tour extensively through Western Europe, Canada and the United States. Read more on Last.fm.

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