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Bronnt Industries Kapital is a musical project from Bristol, England, based around producer/multi-instrumentalist Guy Bartell. After an EP on the Silent Age Records label, Bronnt released its debut album, Virtute et Industria, in May 2005 on Static Caravan. Bartell occasionally writes material with long-time collaborator Nick Talbot aka Gravenhurst. Bronnt is known for its use of curious Victorian instruments, including Lepping’s Patented Lapwing Harmonium and the Bronson Quartet, both of which feature on the debut album. Bronnt has since composed an original soundtrack to the silent 1920's Swedish witchcraft documentary 'Haxan'. The film was released by Tartan DVD with Bronnt's soundtrack. The soundtrack itself is now available separately on Static Caravan. Bronnt released its third album 'Hard For Justice' on Get Physical Music in 2009. www.bronnt.com www.myspace.com/bronnt Read more on Last.fm.

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